Air Map 3D

We take Aerial photography to the next level with AIR MAP 3D! Photos of your property taken from the air can be turned into an accurate 3D image. Visualize your contours, identify your trees, measure and plan your development to an accuracy of less than a meter. That’s all possible with the AIR MAP 3D.

Air Cam Live

When situational awareness is necessary, AIR CAM LIVE can immediately be deployed by our operators to provide real-time information from above. These can be used for live security surveillance, geological surveillance, and other instances where you might need an eye in the sky.

We mount a CCTV camera on a flying platform such as an airplane or a multi-rotor and the video feed is transmitted live to a ground station. Our standard unit can cover up to 400 ha. in one flight. We can custom build a solution specific to your property or area you wish to cover.

Air Cam Pro

We do the flying and you do the directing!

Our broadcast quality aerial video / photography multi-rotor lifts a Sony Nex5 with a full sized lens. You get none of the fish-eye usually associated with the wide angle GoPro units. Our cameras are 3-axis gyro-stabilized that means super stable shots even through wind or creative maneuvers! Our operators are experienced UAV operators so you need not worry about operating the unit and can focus on getting the shot that you want.

Air Cam FLIR

A FLIR or Forward Looking Infra-Red camera serves various valuable applications such as “Hot Spot” detection on maintenance or repair work, intrusion detection, or simply monitoring ground temperatures of your plantation and water supply.

Customized UAS

We can also design and build mission specific Unmanned Aerial Systems for you. Our team has had extensive experience in designing and building UAVs for recreation or professional applications. Our products have gone through rigorous tests and we can provide warranty, local support, training and maintenance.

Training, Support & Maintenance

Davao UAS can support you if you wish to own and operate your own UAS. Become a trained and certified UAV operator! Know the laws and regulations of operating a UAV. Davao UAS, through UASAPI, can guide you on the steps necessary to achieve this.

We can also assist in troubleshooting your UAV or UAS issues whether or not it came from us.